Designing and managing Capacity, Resilience and Efficiency
Designing and managing Capacity, Resilience and Efficiency

IP Consolidation strategies

TCL data are able to achieve the flexibility and reduced total cost of ownership of consolidated networks because of our thorough understanding of both the ITS and building networks.

Regional airport

TCL data designed and managed the implementation of a consolidated IP network including:

  • Flight reservation, departure and display
  • Data and telephony
  • CCTV
  • Access control
  • BMS, environmental and lighting control
  • Staff and public wireless access

The network includes cabled and wirless connections throughout the terminal building with flexibility for future technologies, together with fibre links to aircraft stands and other remote locations.

Sports training facility

TCL data were employed to develop the concept, provide detail design and assist with the implementation of a consolidated network for this state of the art sports training facility.

The network provides an integrated platform with flexibility for rapidly developing digital performance monitoring and development aids, together with access control, CCTV, intruder detection, data, wireless and GSM telephony.

In order to future proof the facility over 2000 network ports were provided inside the building and the total length of external fibre cable exceeds 11kM. Cost effective 10G capacity was achieved throughout.

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