Designing and managing Capacity, Resilience and Efficiency
Designing and managing Capacity, Resilience and Efficiency

CFD Modelling

How do you prove that the data centre cooling design will be effective, efficient and resilient?

TCL Data use CFD (computational fluid dynamics) to digitally model all aspects of the data centre equipment and infrastructure, which can then be tested under normal and partial failure modes.

The infrastructure must support the business function, including:

  • Hardware temperature intakes within ASHRAE recommended limits to preserve equipment lifespan
  • Minimal bypass and recirculation air for greatest efficiency.
  • Rate of temperature rise limited to maintain functionality during failure scenarios.
  • Prediction of maximum temperatures that might cause failure of electrical infrastructure components
  • Check that air pressures and velocities (especially with enclosed hot or cold aisles) will not overcome equipment fans.

It is essential that all parts of the infrastructure are modelled including cabinets, racks and IT hardware in addition to the cooling system and enclosures. 

For new facilities the model can initially be based on notional IT hardware and cabinet layouts. The model can then be used to plan migrations to maintain the long term capacity of the data centre.

CFD modelling can also be used to test infrastructure upgrades and efficiency improvements.

TCL Data are licenced users of SixSigma CFD software which has been developed by Future Facilities specifically for data centres, with extensive libraries of IT and infrastructure components.

Modelling is carried out by Barry Shambrook RCDD, DCS and ISEB in data centre efficiency, who was originally a HVAC engineer and also has a deep understanding of IT Infrastructure and data centres. Barry is a trainer for DC Professional data centre design and operation courses including the advanced cooling DCCP.

Modelling assignments include pro-active suggestions to improve the capacity, efficiency and resilience of designs to return the modest investment in CFD modelling.

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